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Enamored by Appealingness on the Upper Occident Side

Charm Restaurant-UWS
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The sauce and the shumai were both rattlingly good. Its a middling tipical dish to get so no existent surprises here. But def. good material.

Next, I say thepad see you ( ok, that'snot how its spelled....but still comic )... The dish gotten in a metal wok and still shrieking hot from the kitchen. All the flavors coalesced together rattlingly nicely and the broccoli was goodly cooked - not excessively crunchy and not soggy either. Asset scores alsofor the presentation.

Pad see-ew
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Aimee got the lemongrass poulet. Likewise delightful. A bit overmuchly sauce though she stated.

Chicken and broccoli
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Overall, a really filling repast. One pet peave: I wish they holded supplied us with Metal chopsticks alternatively of the cheapo wooden snap-off variety.

Appeal Tai
722 Amsterdam Ave. ( btwn. 95th & 96th )
NY, NY 10025
Tel.: ( 212 ) 866-9800

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